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Your trusted partner in biodiversity and nature-smart business

Ecogain specializes in biodiversity and business benefits. We help companies with business strategies and environmental assessment processes for biodiversity, and with the transition to sustainability for both climate and nature. And we make sure to integrate nature into all aspects of your business.

Involved in a majority of all licensed wind farms

Many of our customers are large companies with projects that take up a lot of space in nature - wind power, solar energy, industries, real estate and infrastructure. For example, we have been involved in 65% of all Sweden's completed wind farms since 2017. A clear sign that Ecogain, as a relatively small player compared to the large engineering consultancies, holds our own when it comes to accurate investigations. 

We often operate at the intersection of ecology and law. As nature issues become increasingly critical to societal development - and rightly so - many clients need to understand more about both the species that may appear on the agenda of the project, and how to relate to case law. Ecogain is a safe hand to hold.

Always fact-based and scientific methods

The combination of broad skills and deep expertise in all matters relating to land, water and biodiversity makes Ecogain unique. We are experts in environmental assessments, the permitting process, environmental law and CLIMB, and have whole teams of specialists in water and wetland, bats and bird issues.

We are site-specific and fact-based, which makes our investigations popular with decision-makers. Our clients appreciate us for the very high quality of our investigations. But above all, they appreciate us for our ability to combine scientific accuracy with practical application. 

Ecogain helps you create nature-smart business

Many customers also choose us because they realize that working with Ecogain saves them time and money. Our efficient processes minimize waiting times and costs, so you can get started on your projects faster and get a higher return on your investment. 

Ecogain helps you navigate complex environmental issues and implement solutions that not only meet legal requirements, but also strengthen your business. We are your trusted partner in creating sustainable and nature-smart business.

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