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We drive change

All businesses create an impact on nature at some point in their value chain. With that comes the challenge and responsibility of building a sustainable strategy with clear guidelines for how the company should approach issues related to the impact on species and nature. We are there to support you.

The story of Ecogain begins in Umeå in 2001 when Anders Enetjärn started Enetjärn Natur. He wanted to offer the business community solutions in biodiversity issues and be that support. Today, Ecogain is a leading knowledge carrier in biodiversity with international collaborations, innovative and visionary enabler with the capacity to drive change on a global scale.

Breadth of skills makes us unique

Our focus remains on nature and responsible business. We are a knowledge-based company that works with our clients to create solutions that do not stand in the way of development. We turn risks and challenges into business opportunities with positive values for nature. 

Ecogain employs the most competent environmental specialists, ecologists, change managers, ecologists, engineers, lawyers, geographers, analysts, climate and sustainability experts. It is a unique breadth of skills that allows us to see opportunities in the most complex problems and challenges.

Ecogain works for society's climate transition in general and biodiversity in particular.

From our vision

We are proud of our customers' successes

We pride ourselves on being consultants who help companies work with sustainable land use in a way that is both commercially smart and ecologically responsible. We get genuine satisfaction from the tangible and positive difference we make to nature - and to our clients.

Ecogain also has a corporate culture that we are proud of, and that strengthens our capacity to do good. And we know that it's not just our knowledge that spills over into our clients' projects, but also the commitment, care and joy we feel in our work and with colleagues.

Our customers choose to lead the way

The actors who choose to take the lead are the ones who will build the sustainable society of tomorrow. Together with you, we will create solutions that do not stand in the way of development, but drive it forward, transforming risks and challenges into business opportunities with positive values for nature. This is how we will also achieve an amazing and necessary shift: accelerating nature-smart maturity in business.

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