Part of Ecogain's work against corruption and misconduct is our whistleblowing function. 

The whistleblowing function is designed to deal with wrongdoings that are in the public interest to be brought to light. This could be, for example, corruption, product safety, environmental protection, food and feed safety or animal health and welfare. It is therefore not intended for reporting general dissatisfaction or matters that only concern your own work or employment relationship here. To be covered by the protection, you must also have had reasonable grounds to believe, at the time of reporting, that the information about the grievance was true.

The whistleblowing function is complementary to other ways of reporting wrongdoing. You can still contact your line manager, trade union, HR or other department depending on the nature of the matter.

You can blow the whistle using one of the following options:

  • Go to the Ecogain whistleblowing portal, where you can also report anonymously.
  • Email the Whistleblowing Officer, HR Partner Veronica Khabarova
  • Send a letter to HR Ecogain, Västra Järnvägsgatan 3 (11 stairs), 111 64 Stockholm. Mark the envelope "Whistleblowing".
  • Call Veronica Khabarova, HR Partner on 070-373 38 00
  • Book a personal meeting, digitally or physically through one of the contact routes above. The meeting will then take place by appointment at a suitable location.

The HR department currently manages Ecogain's whistleblowing function. This means that Ecogain's HR partner Veronica Khabarova receives a report and has follow-up contact with the reporter.

If a report is deemed to fall under the Protection of Persons Reporting Misconduct Act (2021:890, the Whistleblowers Act), Veronica Khabarova will set up an investigation with the appropriate expertise. 

The Whistleblowing Act protects you as a whistleblower from obstruction and retaliation. Ecogain may not retaliate against either you as a reporter or anyone assisting or associated with you for reporting.

For more information, please refer to the Whistleblowing Policy.

For questions, please contact Veronica Khabarova veronica.khabarova@ecogain.se