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Ecogain is a strategic partner in sustainable land use and green transition. Clients rely on us for accurate studies and EIAs. We are site-specific and fact-based, and our studies are highly regarded. We have worked on the largest and most complex projects implemented in the Nordic region, and have been involved in 65% of all wind farms in Sweden since 2017.

Ecogain's experts provide you with a safe project process that will save you time and money, and help you achieve your environmental and sustainability goals. 

Localization and investigations

Ecogain's evidence base is based on extensive experience and expertise, ensuring wise and sustainable decisions. Our strength lies in our broad competence, with Sweden's leading specialists in specific areas of expertise. This gives us a unique ability to understand and interpret the complexity of the landscape and the situation.

Permit examination

Ecogain will help you through the entire process - from idea to granted permit. Our report deliverables are accurate and respected for being site-specific, scientifically based and of high quality. With our experience, you can minimize delays and costs and get established faster.

Establishment and operation

Ecogain ensures that your project meets environmental and sustainability objectives. Our specialists handle all the different aspects of environmental integration and operational efficiency. You get tailor-made solutions that combine technological innovation, experience and value-adding measures for nature and social acceptance.

Restoration and compensation

We help you develop strategic action plans to restore and compensate nature in a responsible way. Our experts have in-depth expertise in ecosystem services and work from the hierarchy of considerations. With the help of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), we can help you with everything from developing your biodiversity inventory to concretizing your path to nature-positive business.

Climate change adaptation

We offer climate vulnerability analysis and develop robust climate strategies with measures that make your business resilient to climate stresses while promoting ecosystems.

Strategy and nature-smart business

Integrate biodiversity into your business strategy. Ecogain helps you set the goals and strategies needed for a nature-smart business, and supports you in working with regulatory requirements and frameworks, such as CSRD, ESRS-E4, TNFD and SBTN.

Strengthen your internal team

Let one of our skilled environmental consultants complement your team to increase your capacity and strengthen your internal skills. This can be for a shorter or longer period, for example during work peaks, when you need specialist expertise in a particular area or to cover for parental leave.

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