Bird inventory

Ecogain's bird team has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Sweden's bird fauna, and can offer a full range of bird survey services for different industries and projects. Our experts are well versed in the requirements of the permitting authorities and will help you navigate through the permitting processes. 

Requirements for knowledge of protected birds in land use projects

In Sweden, all birds are protected, and there is particularly strong protection for the more than 100 red-listed species and those covered by the EU Birds Directive. For projects that take up a lot of land, the presence of protected birds can determine whether the project is feasible. Even smaller projects may have high requirements for bird knowledge. 

Preliminary studies and comprehensive bird inventory 

We often start with a quick bird pre-study to help you prioritize and plan your efforts ahead. We carry out comprehensive bird surveys across the country, including 

  • Bald and white-tailed eagle inventory 
  • Woodcock inventory 
  • Inventory of loons, birds of prey and wetland birds 
  • General breeding bird inventory 
  • Inventory of migratory birds 

The result is solid documentation that ensures your projects meet all environmental requirements and helps you through the permit process and in the progress of the project.

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