Nature value inventory (NVI)

Nature value inventory and knowledge of species worthy of protection are crucial for activities that affect land and water. Ecogain has unique expertise in both ecology and law, and experience from many types of land and water developments. We know exactly which aspects need to be inventoried, to what extent and according to what methodology. We also help you with the legal issues all the way to the finish line.

Nature value inventory at the right level for your business

Knowledge of natural values and species worthy of protection is crucial to more and more decisions in the transition of society. Nature value inventories according to Swedish standards (SS 199000:2023) are an important tool for describing and evaluating land and water areas prior to various developments. A well-conducted nature value inventory provides a good basis for planning your activities with the least possible impact on nature.

What is a nature value inventory?

A nature value inventory is part of the environmental impact assessment carried out in connection with, for example, development and planning of infrastructure and society. The purpose of a nature value inventory is to identify and assess the various natural values of the site, including different species and ecosystems as well as other elements of biological, ecological or cultural significance. The inventory includes the identification, delineation, documentation and assessment of natural values, as well as an account of the biodiversity of the site and its sensitivity to impacts.

Ecogain's team has unique breadth in all areas of NPI

At Ecogain, we have extensive experience in conducting nature value inventories in different types of natural environments across the country. Our ecologists have deep specialized expertise in areas such as species protection, birds, bats and environmental law. This gives us a unique breadth and ability to effectively identify and manage the right issues for your business. We take on both large and small assignments, from needs analyses and feasibility studies to field surveys and in-depth inventories.

Nature value inventory with CLIMB

Ecogain also offers calculations according to CLIMB, an area-based calculation model that quantifies biodiversity in terrestrial natural environments. With CLIMB, it is possible to calculate the change of an area over time in terms of biodiversity, and also to quantitatively compare areas in different locations. 

Ecogain's experts have developed CLIMB in collaboration with several stakeholders in the business community. Nature value inventory with CLIMB creates clarity in future environmental assessment, and facilitates the formulation of any conditions. The calculation can form the basis for key figures and balance sheet of nature in the project, and meet future reporting requirements under CSRD. They also become an important tool in the planning of restoration and compensation.

Read more about our offers with CLIMB here.

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