Water and wetlands

Ecogain's Water and Wetlands team has broad expertise in wetland and freshwater ecology and offers services that promote biodiversity and ecological resilience. 

Aquatic studies and ecological restoration of water bodies

Ecogain's services include aquatic surveys and inventories such as wade fishing, net sampling, eDNA, diatom and benthic fauna sampling, receiving water sampling, sediment sampling, benthic and biotope mapping.

We work on ecological compensation and restoration in watercourses and wetlands, carrying out, for example, water purification measures or phytoremediation and creating and restoring wetlands. 

In investigations for solar and wind farms, we assist with hydrological investigations. We also perform in-depth natural value inventories (NVI) linked to water and wetlands with the option of applying CLIMB also in water. 

NAP for hydropower and environmental legal expertise

The national plan for modern environmental conditions for all hydropower installations (NAP) places great demands on both environmental project management and knowledge of the specific conditions for measures in the aquatic environment. Our deep expertise in both the permitting process and hydrological ecology provides you with the conditions for the most efficient review process possible. We prepare consultation documents and documentation for environmental impact assessments, as well as planning and management of contracting for the implementation of measures in watercourses that have been decided on at the review. 

Our experts also have expertise in environmental law and water management and can assist in investigations and data collection for the NAP, permit processes, action plans, control programs and monitoring. 

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