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Akademiska Hus: mapping according to SBTN for biodiversity

Sector: Real estate
Company: Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus has ambitious goals for its sustainability work, which also includes biodiversity. This was a great help when they were about to launch a mapping exercise under the SBTN framework.

Based on Akademiska Hus' work on how to manage biodiversity in our operations, an analysis has been made based on SBTN step 1a. It has been very rewarding and opened our eyes to the parts of our operations that have a major impact on biodiversity. This analysis has led us to start a strategy for how to manage biodiversity throughout our business and really work to achieve a better status for biodiversity.

Alice Bocké, Sustainability Strategist Akademiska Hus

Ecogain's environmental experts began by conducting a baseline analysis of the impact Akademiska Hus has on biodiversity in its operations today. An investigation according to the SBTN framework formed the basis for the analysis. This is a standardized way of mapping the impact of direct operations, as well as upstream and downstream in the value chain. The starting point was the drivers of biodiversity loss identified by IPBES (the UN biodiversity science panel). 

Mapping based on SBTN and in line with CSRD and ESRS

In the next step, Ecogain conducted a mapping based on SBTN, and also in line with Akademiska Hus' focus on biodiversity. Based on workshops and in close collaboration with sustainability experts and project managers at Akademiska Hus, we helped them to develop:

  • A baseline analysis of the impact of Akademiska Hus on biodiversity in its direct operations and throughout the value chain.
  • Carry out the mapping in accordance with SBTs for Nature step 1A. 
  • Link the result to upcoming EU requirements on sustainability reporting of biodiversity aspects under CSRD/ESRS  

The assignment gave Akademiska Hus a better understanding of the impact of its operations in the value chain, knowledge of SBTN and how the framework can be used for further work on biodiversity. The results have also provided good help in the double materiality analysis that Akademiska Hus is currently conducting.

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