Biodiversity in focus: SkiStar and Söderberg & Partners collaborate with Ecogain

Sector: Tourism industry
Company: Skistar

During 2023, Ecogain has been working to help Skistar improve its work with biodiversity. Söderberg & Partners, which initiated the project through its fund strategy "Active Influence", was committed to seeing how they as a shareholder could contribute to positive changes at SkiStar within biodiversity.

The project aimed to create measurable targets (KPIs) to assess SkiStar's impact on nature. It also aimed to support SkiStar in engaging in a more active dialog with the county administrative boards, particularly in proposing protection measures and compensation for land use, in line with the principles of the "Hierarchy of Consideration".

Analysis according to Science Based Targets for Nature (SBTN) and consideration hierarchy

Ecogain's work resulted in proposals for measures according to the consideration hierarchy, which SkiStar can apply both to new land claims and to measures on existing land. In order to concretize suitable measures, Ecogain conducted a field trip in Vemdalen together with representatives from SkiStar and Söderberg & Partners.

Ecogain's ecologists guided the group in an existing ski slope and in an extension of the ski area planned by SkiStar. The purpose of the excursion was primarily to transfer knowledge about natural values in connection with planning for measures and restoration potential. We also discussed CLIMB as a possible measurable KPI for SkiStar in future permit assessments.

A winter day in Vemdalen, Sweden. February 2011

Improving knowledge of biodiversity

We also carried out an SBTN analysis during the project, which resulted in a comprehensive mapping of the drivers of biodiversity loss. The SBTN analysis, which covered the initial steps of the methodology, provided guidance and a basis for SkiStar to validate nature targets at a later stage.

The project was very rewarding for all project participants and has led to increased knowledge of biodiversity in the case of Söderberg & Partners as well as SkiStar. The next step for SkiStar is to implement the consideration hierarchy to work more structured with possible measures and reduce the company's negative impact on nature.

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