Boliden TNFD

Boliden and TNFD: Mapping biodiversity in the mining industry

Sector: Renewable energy
Companies: Boliden and TNFD

Boliden turned to Ecogain for expert support in a pilot project within the framework of the global mining industry organization ICMM. The assignment was to implement TNFD (Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) at a specific site: Liikavaara, and thus map Boliden's impact on nature in a concrete and tangible way.

Ecogain's expertise and commitment have been invaluable in our work on the TNFD. They have helped us understand and map our impact on nature in a concrete and tangible way.

- Sara Carlsén, client at Boliden

Boliden faced the challenge of navigating the complex reporting requirements around biodiversity and ecosystem services, further clarified by the forthcoming requirements of ESRS E4.

Analysis according to TNFD using LEAP methodology

Ecogain supported Boliden by delivering an initial analysis of Liikavaara's impacts and dependencies on nature. We used the LEAP methodology, which is part of the TNFD framework.

We also participated in the ICMM Forum to provide insights and feedback to the final version of the TNFD, published on September 18, 2023.

Forward momentum for both roadmap and reporting

Our work with Boliden has resulted in concrete deliverables that not only meet current needs, but also pave the way for future sustainability initiatives.

  • TNFD analysis carried out for Liikavaara
  • Analysis for further work on biodiversity and ecosystems under CSRD/ESRS

Boliden now has a solid foundation to continue implementing its biodiversity roadmap. The TNFD analysis has also given them the tools to transform existing data from Swedish legal requirements to the upcoming reporting requirements of ESRS E4.

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