Wetland restoration in Jönköping: County Administrative Board and industry in beneficial collaboration

Sector: Public administration
Companies: County Administrative Board Jönköping

When the County Administrative Board of Jönköping was developing a wetland strategy, they also wanted to involve businesses. They hired Ecogain to help them develop the wetland strategy, but also to explore how the business community could get involved in wetland work within the county. 

Ecogain's environmental consultants started the project with a comprehensive study to analyze the opportunities and challenges companies face when dealing with wetland issues. Among other things, they examined the potential market benefits of working on wetland restoration, as well as how companies can use restoration to offset greenhouse gas emissions. 

Interviews with business representatives and financial actors revealed a high level of ambition and willingness to engage in wetland work. We also identified some practical challenges, such as skills, financing and coordination with landowners - all key areas for success.  

Strong commitment in the business community to work with wetlands

Ecogain proposed various tailored solutions to meet the challenges, such as developing certifications, encouraging regional coordination with landowners, and creating methods for valuing nature and measures to restore it. Solutions that are becoming feasible thanks to the strong commitment of the business community. For example, one mining company valued wetland restoration as a good and effective measure - a 'low-hanging fruit' - because they saw the benefit of the wetland's function in the landscape, but also as a compensatory measure. 

With expertise in ecology and limnology, together with knowledge in strategy and policy work, Ecogain's environmental consultants were able to deliver a comprehensive description of the current situation, a clear picture of the business incentives, and show ways in which the County Administrative Board of Jönköping can stimulate and support the companies going forward.

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