Ecogain and Vinnova pave the way for a more socially sustainable industry

In November 2022, Ecogain embarked on an exciting assignment for Vinnova focusing on socially sustainable industry. This project has been a journey of knowledge sharing, collaboration and forward thinking, where the goal was to promote an industry that is not only greener but also socially sustainable.

The aim of the project was multifaceted. It included analyzing the current state of research, stimulating dialogue between industry stakeholders, and presenting relevant lessons from both Swedish and international perspectives. Through collaborations with researchers from KTH, LTU, MIUN and WSP, Ecogain conducted a comprehensive feasibility study, highlighting both Swedish and international examples and exploring the concept of "Social License to Operate".

The Collaboration Arena - a meeting place for socially sustainable industry

In September 2023, this work took shape in a collaboration arena organized by Ecogain at The Wood Hotel in Skellefteå. This two-day arena became a meeting place for a wide range of social actors, who created new contacts, developed project ideas and innovative approaches.

The results have now been compiled in a final report, which not only highlights dialogues and sessions from the collaborative arena, but also provides key lessons and recommendations for the future.

Here you can read the feasibility studies and the report of the project:

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